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Family time is marriage conference

“You’ve heard it before, but when we spend time with our parents and relatives, the conversation nearly always comes to the same topic.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”
“Are you looking for one?”
“You’re almost 25. you should get married before 25, otherwise you’ll be a lonely old lady.”

Seriously aunties, don’t you get bored of asking?

If you can find the love of your life…..”

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The impact of the two child-policy on social Dynamics in China

The Chinese government changes its political strategy of family-planning. From now on a family is allowed to have two children.

Of course this is a big change and many families are happy about this. And yet there are four big challenges which have to be faced in China.

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Wedding – most expansive day in life….and then???

May is traditionally the month for weddings. Month #5 is so popular because 5 means richness, wealth, long life, peace and health.

Within the last ten years the average number of weddings has increased for about 60%. More and more Chinese want to marry officially, in the way as it’s practised in western countries. This of course also supports family as a social value. More and more people ………..

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Fatherland, Motherland and Otherland

In Germany we name our country „Fatherland“. I was told that you in China say “Motherland”. Some days ago I found out that there’s another identification you could say.

I will call it “Otherland”.

What do I mean ………….

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Pet or Child?

Last week I was told a story which is not so unusual I think. A colleague of mine visited Germany for a training course. Her mother was supposed to come to Germany right after the last day of the training course. Mother and daughter then wanted to travel around in Europe and have a nice time together.

Unfortunately it did not happen to be so!

Without any obvious regret ……..

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Money means trust, money is sexy

It seems to be the same everywhere in the world. Wherever you show up with typical status symbols just like an expensive Italian car (like Lamborghini, Ferrari and so) you win the game.

Some days ago there was a little test being made in China. Lamborghini driver with a six-hundred-thousand-dollar car stopped at the pavement and asked a woman if she ……..

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Body language: genetic or learnt?

This is an amazing project ” Genetic portraits” by Ulric Collette

A photographic research work on genetic similarities between members of the same Family.

There’s an old ongoing question and discussion, which never will be answered I think. It’s the question if body-language is genetic or social-learned.

Or the question what was earlier in the world: …………

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“Double-Eight” is the value of a father

As it is said at Wikipedia Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, but it is also celebrated widely on other days. Father’s Day was created to complement Mother’s Day, a celebration that honors mothers and motherhood.

A complementary integration lives from the fact that both sides, both poles belong to each other. It also means that both sides influence the other in a way that complementation always gets back into a good balance.

I was told that father`s day in China is not at all ……………..

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Think about it

There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.

~ Gandhi,r:33,s:0,i:253

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“Die Fremde” or “When we leave”

The film shows very clearly and blunt that at the end it is very difficult to find out who in fact is the stranger, who has to integrate, and what integration really means. To bring it to the point: integration always is a field of inevitable conflicting priorities. And at the end you get the impression that everybody is a stranger.

2010 was the premier of this really embarrassing German movie film. The main issue is to show how important the basic, human right for self-determination, self definition is. This of course includes the human right for women for bodily autonomy.

The film shows that the woman wants to follow her autonomy and to be part of her family. She fights for both. And she experiences how difficult but also how dangerous this fight is. Just by the steady risk of violence.

It is fight up to the desperate experience of complete exhaustion. An experience which catches everybody in the film, everybody in the family. Finally there is no winner. Everybody fades, everybody loses the, everybody finally gets lost in desperation.

The film shows in a melodramatic way, very intensely and directly, that everybody breaks down under the enormous social and special cultural pressure.


Here is the trailer with English subtitles so that you can a first impression.

Here is part one of the film. Via the following link you will find the other parts.

Some information on the intercultural issue of the film in German

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