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Kokeshi – Faces which embody the souls of children

They have been associated with miscarried babies and infanticide. They were guardians of children and keepers of their souls. Today, the word kokeshi is even used as a sexual innuendo.

Kokeshi were originally ………..

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Imitation in the neonatal phase

Imitation has long been assumed to occur from birth, with influential theories  placing an innate imitation module at the foundation of social cognition (potentially underpinned by a mirror neuron System. Yet, the very phenomenon of neonatal imitation has remained controversial. Empirical support is mixed and interpretations are varied, potentially because previous investigations have relied heavily on cross-sectional designs with relatively small samples and with limited controls. Here, we report surprising results from the most comprehensive longitudinal study of neonatal imitation to date.

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Body language book in Chinese

Finally it is done. My latest book on body language and nonverbal communication is translated into Chinese and published in Beijing. It took quite a long time to discuss with my translator or better to say my interpretor all relevant aspects. I am so glad that she did a very competent Job.

Please feel invited to have a look and communicate the book if you think ist worth.

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Idioms for facial expression

Facial expression is part of body language and nonverbal communication. You can describe facial expression, you can analyse facial expression and you can look at the common language spoken by people in the street to identify facial expression. Here are some English idioms for facial expression which, to be honest, are very much to the point and can make you smile about it.


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Body language…be aware and be careful

Body-language and nonverbal communication is scientifically proofed and yet there’s quite a lot of literature on physiognomics. This means that people believe in the direct connection between physical characteristics and personal attitudes. This also includes e.g. a specific connection of physical characteristics and intelligence.

People often like to believe in such body-reading concepts because they are so simple or look like. So there’s a very big danger related ………..

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Faces of soldiers: you cannot NOT be touched

It seems that war rules the world at many places. War is done by people. People have faces, faces which mirror the state of feeling before the war, during the war and after the war.

The photographer Lalage Snow has shared powerful series of photos showing the transformative faces of service men who had been in Afghanistan. The photos show significant differences in the three states of being. They show personal and psychological differences. Interesting is that the face by itself just look. At one face you don’t realise important differences. But when you put the three faces together you’re overwhelmed and even deeply touched by the relevance of these differences.

Lalage Snow does not have a special message as he said, but he said maybe the photos and the faces speak for themselves.

Look at those attractive and mysterious faces. They will make you want to keep looking.

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Anger in the face enhances cues of strength

New research has been done on facial expression and human behaviour. This research (Evolution and human behaviour magazine) proves that humans assess others` fighting ability by monitoring cues of strength. Cues can be found and clearly identified by facial expression. Biologically and socially this is a hidden important competence of humans. So to say ………

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Emotional expression judged by Software

Facial expression shows how somebody feels. There might be joy, sadness, anger, shame, but also a sad-anger, a joyful surprise or frightening discussed. Even those complex feelings can be expressed by facial expression. We have a so to say born and learned competence to understand this unconsciously, consciously and can adjust or react to this.

Scientist of the OhioStateUniversity in Columbus recently …….

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Machine knows the attractiveness of your face

British scientists found out that the attractiveness of man`s face can be judged by a machine. They referred to three attributes: trustful, attractive and dominant.

The scientists based their study on 65 different items which help to identify a face and the differences between faces. By this they could find reliable judgement being made by a machine.

The results of the study underline the importance of the unconscious spontaneous judgement on first sight. This means much less than a second. If you are interested and want tro learn more about first sight and the judgement of the facial Expression please have a look.

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Bound feet

The feet of little girls had been bound to improve their beauty.

In old China there was a century long tradition on this. Forbidden in 1912 it did not put an and to this behavior.

The mothers of the girls had endured foot-binding as well and knew what pain and torment they were putting their own child through. But they knew, to make their daughter acceptable to society, to give their daughters the best possible life, this is something they had to do, however heartbreaking it was. We all want to be accepted, we all want to be loved, we want our children to have the best possible opportunities.

A cruel way of manipulating and dominating women`s body language. You can read more about the interviews with some old Chinese women, who had endured this experience until nowadays. Impressing foto documents show the women`s beauty and the abused feet. The women`s faces and the described behavior are a convincing message on their own.

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