Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Myths about eye contact

There’s a lot of information on eye-contact, the power of eye-contact. There are also a lot of stories and lore as well as there is a lot of scientific research being done.

So, hard to find orientation within this thicket of information, results and (personal or stereotype) opinion. There’s a new study which shows that eye-contact is

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The Application of Nonverbal Communication (Zhang Xiaoqin)

Abstract: Nonverbal communication is very important because we use the actions of others to learn about their affective or emotional states. The paper is mainly directed towards an English teacher who needs to acquire and apply nonverbal communication, which will enable us to cope with everyday communicative situations.Firstly, it summarizes the importance of nonverbal communication. It then points out some functions of nonverbal communication which will help the teacher to orient his own activity within the classroom. Finally, it discusses the relationships between nonverbal communication and culture which will help the learners in their acquisition of communicative ability.

Key words: nonverbal communication; functions;culture differences

If you want to get to know more about it, have a look. It`s worth reading

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The direct look into someone`s eyes

Of course people in China look at each other, look into each other’s eyes. But often, especially in specific management situations, negotiations and so on it is not opportune to look into the other’s eyes too intensively, too long or to directly. This could be experienced as too close, too emotional and too offensive.

I get the fantasy that Chinese look at each other but really are not familiar with the experience of “to show up” and “to be seen”. Experiencing such a situation would be to …………

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Parents in the U.S. and China both lie to their kids, study says

„If you don`t come with me now, then I will leave you here alone“.

This is the most popular lie in USA and China, to make children to behave in a “proper” way, that means in the way the parents want them to behave. Some parents, so is the result of some new scientific study, even threat their children with their own death.

A client of mine told me some day another way how her mother tried to gain complete power on her daughter when she was young. She wanted her daughter not to lie. Thus she tried to obtain this power on her daughter in a cruel way.

With complete success as the daughter ……….

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Body language basics

Very simple, very clear though sometimes a bit too simple, you’ll find some interesting basic information on body language via the link at the end of the text.

It’s a web-MD-information network giving information about handshakes, synchrony, posture, eye-contact, playing with hairs, first-dating and so on.

So, just have a look and try to get a better understanding.

But always be aware that it is an easy issue to read the body-language. 😉

Looking at one’s face and posture is the one side of the coin. Feeling your own impression, your own bodily resonance is the other side of the coin. And the coin, the material of the coin by itself is the context in which you meet someone and try to read his body language.

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Eyes and eye contact can also be a torture

I remember the report of a female client talking about her childhood and expressing the specific, typical aspect of relationship between her and her mother.

When she had done something (wrong) or when the mother disagreed with the one or the other aspect of what my client had done as a child, her mother used to address her daughter with the following word: “Come to me, look into my eyes and tell me the truth. What have you done, didn’t you know, that I disagree with what you say.

Tell me the truth. And don`t forget, …………

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“Sex in the soul“ – what can your eyes reveale?

Of course you remember when the pupil widens or closes. Of course you know about the importance of this process in the eyes. But do you know why this happens? Do you know what it means?

About fifty or sixty years ago scientist believed that the process of widening or closing notes your sexual orientation. Gero from the Cornell University was convinced about the proof in his study on such eyes`reaction. He was convinced that the widening of the pupil shows if one is heterosexual or homosexual or …………..

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