Body-language and nonverbal communication

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The body in psychotherapy 6 (Breathing)

 Body Psychotherapy Methodology

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Virtual Dance Hype

Gangnam Style is out. Harlem Shake is in. Within the last weeks the Gangnam Style Dance captures the virtual world. More than 1Billion youtube clicks are an over all impressive proof.

Again within some weeks another virtual dance style captures media: Harlem Shake, which derives from a dance style dating back to the middle of 1980. Millions of youtube clicks back this success and…………

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“Sex in the soul“ – what can your eyes reveale?

Of course you remember when the pupil widens or closes. Of course you know about the importance of this process in the eyes. But do you know why this happens? Do you know what it means?

About fifty or sixty years ago scientist believed that the process of widening or closing notes your sexual orientation. Gero from the Cornell University was convinced about the proof in his study on such eyes`reaction. He was convinced that the widening of the pupil shows if one is heterosexual or homosexual or …………..

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