Body-language and nonverbal communication

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A bite of Peking university

There is a saying in Germany about the living in good conditions which says: „Living like the king of France“.

Those who have been to China and having joined Chinese meals know that “one can eat like the Emperor of China”.

To eat in China, to enjoy the countless dishes, one can get a slide impression of what this saying “eating like the Emperor of China” means. …….

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Dancing in the park  (Journey to China No. 8)

You see them in the parks. Mostly in the morning or later in the afternoon or evening. You see them dancing. You see them enjoying and you’re aware of a very big difference in bodily expression.

On the one hand, often when you see Chinese people, they seem to walk and move a bit slowly, feel aggrieved and in a black mood, as if it would be typical for most of the people, typical for the country or a typical character expressed on the body-level.

In contrast to a possible stereotype ……….

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