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How sex rules our dreams

Gritty, emotional, smelly and dirty: new evidence supports Freud’s long-debunked theory that sex fuels our dreams.

In short, every 90 minutes during sleep, we enter the dangerous twilight zone called REM sleep. The reward centres of our brains are activated, and our sexual systems are turned on – yet our bodies are partially paralysed so we cannot move to take advantage of these activations. Instead, as key physiologic systems collapse, we are forced to watch these things we call dreams.

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It`s music that matters

Music is emotion. In all cultures. In all times. And in eternity. There is no culture without Music. Science proofs that music connected with dance is one of the oldest ways for passing on knowledge.

Music can heal. Music can open doors of peoples`souls.

And perhaps our early experiences of music leave a mark that we only understand much later: at the age 50 or so. It`s the continuity between music and the sounds of the everyday environment. And this starts with the first song one hears, the first song one sings. Perhaps it’s all down to the influence of those sound effects on the first records that one heard in his life.

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The Psoas is:…..the orientation to the core of yourself (1)

If you guessed C, you’re correct. Buried deep within the core ofyour body, the psoas (pronounced “so-az”) affects every facet of your life, from your physical well-being to who you feel yourself to be and how you relate to the world. A bridge linking the trunk to the legs, the psoas is critical for balanced alignment, proper joint rotation, and full muscular range of motion. In yoga, the psoas plays an important role in every asana. In backbends, a released psoas allows the front of the thighs to lengthen and the leg to move independently from the pelvis. In standing poses and forward bends, the thighs can’t fully rotate outward unless the psoas releases. All yoga poses are enhanced by a released rather than shortened psoas. (When you reverse your orientation to gravity in inversions, however, the psoas must be toned as well as released to maintain proper spinal stability.)

Whether you suffer from ……….

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Money is …………

coagulated feeling/emotion and functions in form of relationship among people of and in all cultures.


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The body in psychotherapy 6 (Breathing)

 Body Psychotherapy Methodology

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The body in psychotherapy 5 (Therapists`feeling the client`s body)

Somatic Psychotherapy

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Rising dragon around the dome of Cologne, or: what is cultural integration Part II

…..I realized the birth of this picturesque image I talked about earlier. This image reminded me of experiences which I had as consultant and coach in companies when they follow a fusion process. A fusion in business is based on an intercultural process. One company with its special culture joins, meets and unites with another company, with its typical culture. In contrast to official wording most of these processes are a non-equal-fusion.

Most of those fusions in business failed. They faile because of a wrong approach of understanding intercultural communication. Intercultural communication and integration in business often means: We put those two companies together, have a look, try to find out the most effective and efficient elements of structure and efficiency in order to build up the new company on these analytical results.

Intercultural communication and integration does not function like this. ……………….

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Touched by the shadow

The dark red rose decorates a little girl’s hand while the girl’s eyes dive into the rose’s flavor. Both, the girl and the dark red rose, form a meaningful unit of presence, awareness, being in touch with each other and thus creating reality.

The girl of course is in love with this little boy whose shadow leans towards her. It is an emotional reality with the unspoken message “You’re here when you’re not here. You’re here when I want you to be here and you are near when I’m aware of this beautiful dark rose.”

Of course one would say the little boy is not there. It is……………………

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…it`s too hot to write.

I hope you will understand. So enjoy yourself. 😉

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Well language is always also body language. I talked about this already. Remembering Wittgensteins sentence, the German philosopher, language is sounding movement or the sound of movement. And movement is feeling. You know that feeling in English also means emotion.

A lot is written in psychology and psychoanalysis about this. One main concept is the following. I put it into simple sentences, I hope you forgive me for that. 😉

When a child is born it feels ………………….

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