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Twitter: My Ego is your profit

Many of us, millions of us, join social networks. I want to relate for example to Twitter.  Of course there is a need, a benefit to communicate via Twitter. At the same time twitter is so fast that most of the messages and posts just appear and before you realize it, they are gone and followed by many others. Faster and faster.

And yet millions of us have joined Twitter and post several times a day (not really realizing that a single post just is like a grain of sand in the desert. Blown away by the wind.

At the same time Twitter ………

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Wall, Wall, Wall (Journey to China No.6)

There are at least three different kinds of walls in China. They are typical for China.

First of all there is the famous Great Wall. It is a territorial wall. A wall to protect against the enemies who live outside in the world. A wall to defend the own country successfully. A wall to keep the country together.  And a wall to demonstrate power.

Secondly there is the wall around the Forbidden City. It is an ……..

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German romanticism….

German romanticism….….and Chinese!

It feels like this when I imagine Germans and Western people feeling excluded like me as I told you yesterday. Excluded  by this so charming Chinese smile of a group. Watching the group, looking for some kind of contact, but just facing this smile.

I know about the importance of the group in Chinese social life. I know about the role of group cohesion and it´s relevance for social behaviour, for social functioning and I know about the role of group identity which gives personal orientation. Which also carries personal identity. Which shapes and characterizes identity at all. – In China……………………….

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