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A bite of Peking university

There is a saying in Germany about the living in good conditions which says: „Living like the king of France“.

Those who have been to China and having joined Chinese meals know that “one can eat like the Emperor of China”.

To eat in China, to enjoy the countless dishes, one can get a slide impression of what this saying “eating like the Emperor of China” means. …….

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Be aware of what you eat and you will really taste

Mentally multitasking people do not really tast what they eat. If multitasking you will est more thsan you need. You will taste less and you “prefer” more salty and sweet things.

As a result of a scientific study you harm your body and cannot really be aware of this, of what you do to your body. Read more here:

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Another smile in life….

 ………creates and establishes connection among people.

On Sunday,  as a young boy, after church we went to my grandparents` house. It was a ritual, an unspoken proof of family life, when we went there to meet with my grandparents for dinner. My grandfather sitting behind his huge desktop in the living room. In former times this was not unusual. He was not working on Sunday. But this place seemed to be his throne of importance. Smiling he adressed us with some jokes, often he presented us some funny game to play, before we went to the table ready laid.

Meanwhile my grandma and my mother had been busy in the kitchen. The attractive smell of the special Sunday roast

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 Eating and enjoying……

a good friend of mine just left for China. He will stay there for about three weeks. He went to China roundabout 1985 when the country still was so different to nowadays. He remembers and told us how Beijing looked like without so many cars, just bicycles, busses and some taxis. No paved road to the airport andsoon. From those days he went there for so many times that he perhaps can´t count the stays there any more.

We listened to him and his stories while enjoying some wonderful Chinese food. ………

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