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Dogmatism versus flowers where I live

It should not be intimidated by the dogmatist,
and the right partner should try to see the flowers,
that grow on our land still can.
We have not finished discussion culture
but should not shy away from the work of cultivating.
This should develop thoughts.
Therefore, no thought be condemned.
We should teach each other (be), not pedantic,
but as one of my Jewish friends once said,
how to learn Jewish dances.
We can develop our thoughts here ever
and we should not be intimidated by the rights holders,
to even be dogmatist.
The place
where we are right
At the place where we are right,
will never grow flowers
in the spring.
The place where we are right,
is hard and trampled
like a court.
Doubt and love but
lighten up the world
like a mole, like a plow.
And a whisper is heard
at the place where the house stood,
which was destroyed.
Yehuda Amichai:
* 3 May 1924 in Würzburg; † 22 September 2000 in Jerusalem


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