Body-language and nonverbal communication

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It`s attention what we need

Attention is hugely important.  It is the asset that will determine who creates value and who destroys value in the years ahead. Among other things, it will transform the nature and power of brands. If you want to hear more about it have a look …….

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Longing for culture and love – Chinese students in Germany

Friends of mine produced a little film on: How Chinese students live in Germany and experience the new culture which is not at all familiar to them. At the same time the film shows how Chinese students study, work, play and love far away from their home country.

It is a film worth to be seen though it is only about four minutes long.

Chinese Students talk about their daily life. The Chinese students are to be seen in typical scenes with their professor, with colleagues, playing music, enjoying their meals, talking about friendship and love and remembering their homes, their emotional and cultural roots when talking to their mothers via skype.

Being in Germany helps to……….

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