Body-language and nonverbal communication

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The Importance of Nonverbal Communication for expatriats

 Using effectively nonverbal communication when moving and relocating overseas is quite an important issue for people who go a country where they will meet very different cultural influences. I right now do not think especially about tourists but about people who have to live in a foreign country for quite a long time, as student, manager, representative of some organisation andsoon.

Spoken language is only7% to 35% of communication. The majority of our feelings and intentions are sent through nonverbal communication. Moreover we tend to search for signals when verbal messages are unclear or ambiguous.

Wordless messages or kinesics are the way we communicate by ………….

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Longing for culture and love – Chinese students in Germany

Friends of mine produced a little film on: How Chinese students live in Germany and experience the new culture which is not at all familiar to them. At the same time the film shows how Chinese students study, work, play and love far away from their home country.

It is a film worth to be seen though it is only about four minutes long.

Chinese Students talk about their daily life. The Chinese students are to be seen in typical scenes with their professor, with colleagues, playing music, enjoying their meals, talking about friendship and love and remembering their homes, their emotional and cultural roots when talking to their mothers via skype.

Being in Germany helps to……….

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Western body painting

Last week there was the world bodypainting-festival with the world championship in different categories in Austria. The world awards were presented to more than 40,000 visitors. Artists from more than 40 nations joined the competition for the world champion titles.

Body-painting is body-language and nonverbal communication! Body-painting also is a kind of fashion, a kind of self-presentation. Body-painting also is some kind of art.

To be honest I feel much more familiar with this kind of skin-message than the message of……………………

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Chinese sun bathing 

 since some years you will find more and more masked faces, probably women`s faces, along the beaches in China. The Austrian media “Standard” notes this today. Chinese women tend to cover their faces in order to keep their white skin safe. That means: white. And only a white face. The rest of the body can get coloured by the sun.

Why do Chinese women do this since some years? How can you explain the growing trend to cover the faces with such a plastic mask? Why only the face, and not the rest of the body?

In Western countries their was such a habit ………………….

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It began like this:

I had left home for a congress, for four days. My wife, my daughter and my son had said goodbye. We all were a little sad because of some troubles at home. After I had arrived at the place where the congress took place, I phoned my family. My two children hadn´t yet realized well enough that I would be away for four days. So my daughter asked me: how do you feel, Dad. Whereas my son asked me: where are you, Dad.

Both had asked for the same.

Both wanted to know how I felt.

But both did it in a different, and very personal way.

And it was good so.

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