Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Permanence of body language

“Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence.” — Henry Matisse

Matisse is a very famous French artist (painting). I just came across one of his remarkable sentences. This underlines that there is more than just body language or nonverbal communication performed by the body itself or by the person himself.

Painting and other art is so to say an objective of body language. An objective which can be regarded as a very personal expression and a cultural expression.



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Body-painting and ritualisation

There’s a long tradition in body-painting in almost all cultures. Still nowadays you find body-painting connected with important cultural rituals, special dance performance, in theater and so on. Insofar body-painting is an official, socially and culturally accepted habit for special purposes and with a special meaning. And it is necessary for those cultures.

People who are part of those rituals know what they do, that they do it and they know about the meaning of what they’re doing. They feel integrated in society and in the culture and often they are proud of being part of this. Even if they do not know consciously there is a social knowing, a social unconscious knowing.

Each person feels being part and this helps to feel being accepted also on the very personal level of self-expression. One could think that there is not such a shame which I felt in the man’s reaction I talked about some days ago in my blog.

Body-painting and body-language related ……………..

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