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Learning from the future

Creativity as one could say is learning from the future as it emerges.

Most people know this because we are all born with Creative Interchange (CI) but we learn a second reality. …………..

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Have no fear of perfection. You’ll never reach it

Another world-famous painter and artist Salvador Dali is also wellknown for his funny beard. He was a master of fantasy and realizations of dreams. He in a paradox citation was convinced: “Have no fear of perfection. You’ll never reach it”.

It’s calming to know what he said and it’s true: You can never reach perfection and the more to try to the more you loose your own creativity, your own emotional life and its surprising expression.

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Encourage your creativity: together

The French painter and artist Henri Matisse puts his experience into very few words like “creativity takes courage”. He was convinced about creativity to be part of mankind and he’s also convinced that you can live your own creativity. He also knows out of experience and out of watching people that it takes a big courage to really live your own creativity, to show up as a creative person.

Courage, couriosity and creativity are main parts of the dynamics of life. You embody them where ever you are and who ever you are. Following them you create your life and you show up with yourself. By that you can be experienced as a single Person as a personality among all the others who surround you. Among all the others who create your environment.

Share this with the others and you create your world. And by that you respect the world in general. 🙂

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Creativity is the child`s brain

The world-famous painter Pablo Picasso was convinced that every child is an artist. So he trusts in life, he trusts in mankind but he didn’t trust in growing up in a specific environment. He didn’t trust in education.

He adds that the problem is staying an artist when you grow up. I think his idea is worth to be thought about. Especially in times of bigger stress on children in education at school and when they grow up in their Job.

When do we I ask myself return to nature like education, to creativity



which is part of childhood and the brain of childhood. Why dont we trust in our children and the vibrant self-regulation of development. 🙂

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Colors always will affect your mood

One important effect which is part of nonverbal communication is the subtle interplay between Colors, emotional state and behavior. This is to be found all over the world, in all cultures. Though the affect is unique in the world, the specific stimulus of the certain colors is related to cultural expereince.

There’s no denying that color affects our mood. Those ………..

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Shi Mingde, the Chinese Ambassador in Germany, on development, trust, justice, innovation and the people

Yesterday I visited the German-Chinese Economical Day 2013 in Cologne which was organised by the Deutsch-Chinesische Wirtschaftsvereinigung e.V. The opening was presented by the Chinese Ambassador in Germany Shi Mingde.

He talked about the possible consequences which will follow the big reforms in China. Among other aspects he pointed out the importance of the economical development and the importance of the “market principle”.

At the same time, and this I will keep in my mind, he pointed out …………..

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