Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Bound to the context or the individuum?

In June I wrote about my impression that Chinese language is a body language. A conclusion out of this issue can be the following:

On the one hand Chinese people are bound to each other by society, family or group identity but they show up within this context as some kind of only related person on the interactional level. When the person shows up individually when the person interacts it relates to the context. We in the Western countries call this: bound to family and social life or structures. We also have the opinion that this is a sign of social / cultural bound identity.

In contrast to that we in the western countries……………..

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An aesthetical analysis of body language in conversation

HUANG He 1, ZHAN Qi-yi 2, ZHANG Yi-jun 1 (School of Liberal Arts, Kunming Science and Engineering University, Kunming 650224,China)  
Aesthetical analysis of body language in a conversation is an important part of the aesthetical judgment analysis of conversational discourse, which includes the nice look of facial expression as its outer form and the meaning implied in such expression, the outer beauty of posture expression and meaning conveyed by such language. The role played by both facial expression and posture expression in discourse, during a conversation, is to aid, verify, impress or remove. Facial expression and posture expression, which is of aesthetical evaluation should be conformed to discourse and context. The relationship between signifier and the signified of body language is an expressive one. $$$$
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Bound to familism

We all, in the West and the East, live in families. We are brouhgt up by parents. This family life gives us the chance to develop ourseves as human being: To find our identity, to be regarded as a specific personality and to become part of social life.

And yet there are big differences. Differences which …………………….

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