Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Look to be a complete person

The CEO and chairman Lloyd Blankfein, chairman of Goldman Sachs Bank talked about his opinion on career, achievement and human relationship to students at the Tsing Hua University in Beijing. He pointed out that it’s very important to be a specialist in one’s own field, to have a good competence, a good education. He also pointed out that it’s even more necessary to be a complete person, the kind of person that other people want to deal with.

He talked to the students days after the big Chinese examination called Gaokao. Insofar the message….

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Competetion for the best!

It is not a surprise what I heard yesterday at the Business and Investors Forum China 2013 in Düsseldorf / Germany. I visited a special panel discussion about the competition in looking for high qualified new entries in business. The presented information was not new at all. Again the executives panel speakers underlined one main – principal – difference between China and Germany:

  • In China      students ……….
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Bang Dakuan, or: women who capture rich men

There is a big problem between western countries and China. China copies various products which are protected by law. So western companies fight for their copyright in China. But mostly are not successful.

Up to now this could be identified as a typical intercultural conflict: whereas copyright has become an enormous social, economical and juridical value, copying mirrors a traditional value which is typical for the Chinese culture.

How to solve this ambivalence? How to find a way out of this dilemma? Neither the one nor the other perspective on it´s own is intercultural acceptable.

Well meanwhile reality, the development of facts to which society and life gets accustomed ……………..

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250 million children cannot read nor write – a scandal –

Results of newest surveys of the UNESCO on the issue of leteracy show that about 250 Million children can neither read nor write. This is a scandal in the world.

Being able to read and to write is a human right.

Writing about body language and nonverbal communication, believing that this a very important part of communication, I at the same time, especially being aware of these results, want to underline how important the competence of literacy is. It is a basis competence intensely connected with the competence of nonverbal communication.

The one cannot exist without the other.

Don`t ……………….forget this. Don`t forget to read, to write and to reflect what happens around you in the world.

especially with children. Children are our future.

“Literacy is a fundamental human right and the foundation for lifelong learning. It is fully essential to social and human development in its ability to transform lives. For individuals, families, and societies alike, it is an instrument of empowerment to improve one’s health, one’s income, and one’s relationship with the world.

The uses of literacy for the exchange of knowledge are constantly evolving, along with advances in technology. From the Internet to text messaging, the ever-wider availability of communication makes for greater social and political participation. A literate community is a dynamic community, one that exchanges ideas and engages in debate. Illiteracy, however, is an obstacle to a better quality of life, and can even breed exclusion and violence.

For over 65 years UNESCO has worked to ensure that literacy remains a priority on national and international agendas. Through its formal and non-formal literacy programmes worldwide, the Organization works to realize the vision of a literate world for all.”

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