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What does it mean: “I feel like”?

The phrase “I feel like” is part of a more general evolution in American culture. We think less in terms of morality – society’s standards of right and wrong – and more in terms individual psychological well-being… more

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Interview by the Federal President Gauck (Germany) with the Chinese magazine Caixin on the occasion of his state visit to China from 20 to 24 March 2016.

1. You are paying a four day state visit to China. What is the rationale of your visit to China? What are the highlights of your visit and who are you going to meet with?

First, I have to say that I am coming to your country brimming with curiosity and interest. My visit will take me to Beijing, ………….

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Collective emotions

The common parlance is convinced that you experience the world in the way, in the mood you’re.  It is also convinced that you look at the world in your very personal way and you react to it the same.

Meanwhile scientific research confirms this. I will pick out two main branches of science to illustrate this. The one is the concept of affect-logic based on the research and thoughts of Luc Ciompi. The other one is the concept of functional identity based on …………………….

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Obama`s digital singing “Jingle Bells”

being engaged in (non-) verbal communication we also have to be Aware of digital-art-communication. This means the following: digitally you can construct whatever combination of word, singing, picture andsoon as you want. On the one hand you have to be very careful with this, because one can no longer be sure what is the original and what is the copy.

On the other hand one can find an endless reservoir of artificial ………………….I do not know yet know how to name this. But you can be sure that in this case of Singing-Obama you will enjoy.

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Be aware of the people around you

….so that you will find out by yourself:

People do often change, but mostly they don`t talk about it.

So, if you are aware pick up the chance to listen to the resonance in yourself. And meet again with this Person. What will happen then? Enjoy!


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Konfuzius said:

“Don`t worry about that people don`t know you.

Worry about the fact that you don`t know them”

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Europeans learn Chinese but firms say don’t bother

The labor market grows especially in China. More and more Chinese on the other hand leave China to work or study in Europe or the US. Of course a basic language  competence is needed. But also a well based experience in the foreign language is needed.

To find this experience you have to work in the foreign country. This is just easy to know and to follow. And yet there is a big difference in the people`s interest and the interest of firms.

If you want to get to know more about this, just have a look:

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Communicating food and meals by photos in web 2.0 (part 1)

Why do so any people take photos of their meals? And post them even while eating?

This phenomena is so common that most of us don`t these questions. Let me take some time to think about it and share my ideas. The German professor Eva Barlösius just published a book, called „sociology of meals / eating“. The conclusions of her study convinced me at  once. Here is a very brief summary, in order not to disturb you while eating. J

  • Since centuries already it is common that people present their meals. Nowadays via photo. Years or ages ago via paintings. You will find, ……………
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Function of the eyes (an embodyed story -part 8 -)

Eyes are the key:

  • The key in first sight contact
  • The key as it is a visual contact
  • The key which helps to distinguish: YOU and ME
  • The key which proofs that…………….
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Is there a difference between you and me? (An embodyed story -7-)

of course I could relax besides this young lady. I felt quite comfortable lying there when my attention always moved back to these faces. The puppets touched each other and gave the impression ” we belong together”. We are here and we know what we want. We are aware of YOU being here but we do NOT address you. We don`t want you to become important by ………    

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