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Be careful to marry a Chinese woman 🙂

A wonderful video to prevent a desaster in the future. After having watched you can safe yourself and your friends` soul. If you have tried already to get married be prepared for THE moment. 🙂



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Europeans learn Chinese but firms say don’t bother

The labor market grows especially in China. More and more Chinese on the other hand leave China to work or study in Europe or the US. Of course a basic language  competence is needed. But also a well based experience in the foreign language is needed.

To find this experience you have to work in the foreign country. This is just easy to know and to follow. And yet there is a big difference in the people`s interest and the interest of firms.

If you want to get to know more about this, just have a look:

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Neurasthenia in China

Here the results of a specific study in China, which shows the high impact of psychosomatic disorders on the Chinese Society. An impact which society has to face since some years and which will become more severe within the next years. On the one hand this is similar to the process in western countries. On the other hand there will also yet unknown aspects being involved related to the high speed of the social change in society, family life, relationship, living in big cities and the process of production and consumption. Please read more if you want:

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A charming performance….worth looking

Really wonderful and charming “Swan Lake” by Chinese State Circus



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German-Chinese Academy for Psychotherapy

When reflecting the West-East-Integration I often think of my experience of the DCAP congress in May 2011 in Heidelberg / Germany. The issue of this congress was “body & soul – concepts in East and West”. It was a very intensive experience to listen to all the collegues froim Germany and China. It was also emotionally moving and personally impressive……….

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What is the secret?

…..I often ask myself, when facing this excluding smile, the secret recipee which can break down or open up the unseen wall of smile.

I remember what I read about the importance of group life in China. And the self-evidence of group behaviour. The group is important. The group gives relational orientation. The group makes sense for the Chinese. The group offers identity.

And the group is the base, the impulse and the structure for social life.

Well I am different. I am not Chinese. ……………………

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On Chinese body thinking…

This book uses Western philosophical tradition to make a case for a form of thinking properly associated with ancient China. The book’s thesis is that Chinese thinking is concrete rather than formal and abstract, and this is gathered in a variety of ways under the symbol “body thinking.” The root of…

Link to the Book: 

On Chinese Body Thinking: A Cultural Hermeneutic

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People are different

Yesterday I visited Yang Liu in Berlin. She told me an astonishing story about her little book “East meets West”. The book is announced to be part of intercultural communication. It is presented as an attempt for better understanding the two fields of culture: East and West, China and Germany.

Of course, if you remember the foto, which I posted some days ago, the book helps to support better understanding.

BUT Yang Liu wrote this little book as a diary. She told me…………………………..

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Yang Liu´s design blog

if you want to read more from Yang Liu or about her here is the link to her design blog. It is written in German, unfortunately. Nevertheless her posters convince without words.

Whenever I meet someone who saw her posters, smiles because now he knows what it´s all about. 😉

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