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Fan Bingbing











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When the words “I love you” are so shocking

Well we in in the western world have heard so much about the difficulty of showing up emotions in China or in East Asian countries. And it seems even worse to talk about emotions. Especially being said by parents to their children or children to their parents.

Candice Chung from the “daily life” writes about this difficulty and the difference to look on this difficulty from the Chinese perspective. She states this difficulty, she also talks about the challenge she had experienced in her own family trying to confront her parents with ……………….

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Rapid increase of eye-problems

Scientists have found out that there is a rapid increase in short-sightedness, especially in East-Asia like China and South-Corea.

What does this mean? How is this related to you? How is this related to you if you even don’t have any eye-problems yet?

Scientists meanwhile talk about a global epidemic. ………..

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Ulrich Sollmann (德国肢体语言专家) 

(chinese translation of my analysis in a German Magazine) 







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Helplessness towards psychic problems in China

China with more than 1 Billion inhabitants only has about 25-35.000 psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Compared to other countries this is for too less to guarantee a good health-management and mental health system. For example in Germany there are even more psychiatrists and psycho-therapists for only 85 Million inhabitants.

This leads to significant and severe problems within in the population. People don’t know how to react………

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Bound feet

The feet of little girls had been bound to improve their beauty.

In old China there was a century long tradition on this. Forbidden in 1912 it did not put an and to this behavior.

The mothers of the girls had endured foot-binding as well and knew what pain and torment they were putting their own child through. But they knew, to make their daughter acceptable to society, to give their daughters the best possible life, this is something they had to do, however heartbreaking it was. We all want to be accepted, we all want to be loved, we want our children to have the best possible opportunities.

A cruel way of manipulating and dominating women`s body language. You can read more about the interviews with some old Chinese women, who had endured this experience until nowadays. Impressing foto documents show the women`s beauty and the abused feet. The women`s faces and the described behavior are a convincing message on their own.

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Expression or not expression

If we are not familiar with the body language when we are communicating with Chinese, we are likely to misunderstand other people. So it’s very important to understand the differences of body language between South Europe and Chinese, be aware of the manners and the standards in order to avoid communicative barrier or even failure.

The main difference between………..

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Back again……

…and of course full and enriched by experiences, work and inspiring encounter. More about it later here. So please come back and also get inspired.


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An inspiring island of body experience

I am sorry being so late in writing. Right now I am in Shanghai for a Workshop on body-to-body-communication and a panel lecture on Body psychotherapy at the IFP World Congress on Psychotherapy and Mental Health. Today I will have a lecture at the Fudan University. And from tomorrow on there is a 5-days-Workshop with Managers at the HRI on Body language and nonverbal communication.

Quite a big Programm and yet enjoyable and of course really inpiring.

The Little time I am off I use it to experience more about the Body ad China. So pleae wait a little. I will write more after May 23rd. 🙂

Have a nice time.

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Young Chinese don’t look back

A scientific research from Beijing-University shows that 87 % of young Chinese engineers and natural scientists don’t want to return to China after their studies. Though Chinese government and Chinese economy have done a big investment in improving the conditions and requirements for motivation this result seems to be an alarm-signal.

The loss of those well-trained and high-performing specialists is borne by a well-trained competent and creative base of talents.

Therefore China does a lot of ………..

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