Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Managers` nonverbal behavior patterns on stage – basic difference between Germans and Chinese – 1

Basic differences – observing managers on stage while joining a panel discussion at the China-Germany business forum in Cologne 14th of September in Cologne.

You can at once realize basic obvious differences in behavior patterns.  While the Chinese managers mostly directly face the audience or the moderator answering their questions, German managers more often look around to the audience, the moderator, the other managers on the panel and back. They instead of the Chinese managers take the panel and the stage as a space where they move around by looking. Answering the questions changes into a scenario of a visual dialogue. This dialogue is supported by a rich facial expression.

Chinese managers instead of this more often look ……….

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China Day Cologne 2012

Last weekend I visited the China festival in Cologne. The main reason for this event was the 40 th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between China and Germany. As well as the 25 th anniversary of the specific partner relationship between Bejing and Cologne.

On Friday there was the 2nd Business Forum on the communication and cooperation between China and Germany. More than 500 managers and politicians talked together on various issues. This Forum is said te be the most important business event for the Chinese in Germany. I will post some comment within this week on the different behavior patterns of managers from China and Germany, on how …………..

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China Day Düsseldorf / Germany

though the weather tried to spoil the China Day Düsseldorf, it had no chance at all. 😉

It was a wonderful, very friendly event in the middle of Düsseldorf Old Town.

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