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Kokeshi – Faces which embody the souls of children

They have been associated with miscarried babies and infanticide. They were guardians of children and keepers of their souls. Today, the word kokeshi is even used as a sexual innuendo.

Kokeshi were originally ………..

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Never disobey or: surrender to submission

Parents usually love their children and children love their parents. Of course there are different ways of showing and expressing your love.

And yet something happened some weeks ago in China I really could not understand. It’s sad that young students make a Kowtow to their parents for their first day of primary school. It’s sad that the children were made to show their gratitude towards their parents and teachers in ways that struck some observers as shameful and old-fashioned.

Well there are differences…..      

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Creativity is the child`s brain

The world-famous painter Pablo Picasso was convinced that every child is an artist. So he trusts in life, he trusts in mankind but he didn’t trust in growing up in a specific environment. He didn’t trust in education.

He adds that the problem is staying an artist when you grow up. I think his idea is worth to be thought about. Especially in times of bigger stress on children in education at school and when they grow up in their Job.

When do we I ask myself return to nature like education, to creativity



which is part of childhood and the brain of childhood. Why dont we trust in our children and the vibrant self-regulation of development. 🙂

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Stock market crash or when money kills you

The stock market in China is eroding. People loose ever so much money in ever such a short period of time.

Nearly a quarter of investors say that the value of their investments has fallen by more than 50 percent since the beginning of the year amid falling stock prices. 23.8 percent of the 42,000 people polled by sina said that they “had suffered a loss of over 50 percent and dare not check their accounts”.

Investors and bankers feared already since some months that this would happen soon in China. It is a stock bubble which seems to explode.

Its not my interest to analyse this. I am not the expert for this. But I am an expert for human relationship and communication. Let me tell you first a very personal story. When we …………..

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Gesture and words

Spontaneous gestures can help children to learn whether they use spoken language or sign-language. This is an important result of a new report.

It’s really interesting and important that the reported findings make clear that children have an understanding of the notions before they are able to express themselves in speech. Notion means here a gesture plus word-combination.

Children learn this from their parents. This of course, and this is another result, has been found with children who learn sign-language from their parents. Even deaf children who were not able to learn a spoken language learn a sign-language, so to say a homemade gesture-system in order to communicate.

Please read more about it via this link:

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When grandma kills herself….

One result of the speedy urbanisation is the dramatically increasing suicide of old people. Three times as much as members of other social Groups kill themselves i said by Chinese scientists recently stated. Professor He Xuefeng from the TU Huazhong in Hubei states that the suicide of old People really is big  and even growing problem or better to say dilemma in China.

Younger people leave the rural areas for ………..

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Grandparents as Nanny: is it good for the child? (Journey to China No. 3)

You cannot miss them in the streets. Those grandparents with their little grandchildren. Or better to say grandchild. It is always one child only. Their look after their grandchild. Care for their grandchildren while the parents of the grandchild have to work.

One could say that this is wonderful for the parents, because they …………..

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Think about it

There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.

~ Gandhi,r:33,s:0,i:253

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Just stunned shame

some days again an Indian was raped and brutalized sexually abused. This time it was a 6 year old little girl. I can`t find any words to talk about just to post the link to the Times of India.

At the same time I want to bring into mind again how often this happens mostly to woman and girls, not only in India. You read about sexual raping and abuse all over the world: Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iran but also in Europe and the US.

What kind of rude affect and psychological state of mind and political interest is hidden?

What does this mean considering the fact that we do no longer live in the middle ages?

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Stranger – Danger or:

 (N)ever talk to a stranger

I of course agree to the six rules for children in order to prevent any kind of bad experience, so that they can keep their boundaries.

But to be honest, I want to talk about meeting strangers in the life as youth and adult.

Globalization is based on meeting strangers, strange people, strange cultures, strange behavior. So, to survive or ……….

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