Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Faces Too Close Perceived As Less Attractive, Trustworthy, And Competent

Attraction and competence change from distance to distance, so to say. They are not the same even if it is the same person. Results of a survey show that the perception of attraction and competence change the closer you get to someone. In addition to these results one could say attraction and competence are not fixed characters or features. These results also show how important the individual perception, one`s own awareness is. It also points out that these characters are directly influenced by nonverbal communication…………….if you are interested have a look into the following link.

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The “skin” is the message – 8  (power is colourful)

Well clothing is the second skin so to say. The German chancellor Angela Merkel is chosen as most powerful woman in the world (Forbes).  Long time befor she became chancellor she was already famous for her colourful clothing. In those days we called her the living …………..

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Chinese language is body-language -pronunciation- (1)

At the China-Day in Duesseldorf one week ago  there was a performance by the head of Deutsche Sprachschule. This performance was interesting in so far as the Chinese teacher pointed out two difficulties when learning  the Chinese language:

  • the pronunciation and
  • and the Chinese writing, the Chinese graphic character.

While listening to her I was astonished about the direct connection between the spoken Chinese word / sentence and the  body expression. Both seem to belong to each other. Both are the two sides of the coin.

Chinese language is, to make it short, a body-language. That means, ……………………..

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