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Alibabas success: western vs chinese way of capitalism (part 1)

Last Friday the whole world, that means the global market, had an eye on China, an eye on Alibaba.

Alibaba, Chinas biggest IT-based company runs among others with Taobao the biggest virtual market-place in China. Compared to western companies Alibaba is bigger than Ebay and Amazon together, just to name one comparison.

Alibaba and Taobao is not only a marketplace, it is…………..

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“Rich is……….

the one who is satisfied and happy”


(Greek Philosopher 384-322 before Christ)

….I often think of this when regarding the relationship of many people in China and the Western world towards money and materialism in their daily life. I think of how much this characterizes our life and the way how people relate to each other.

I at the same time realize that many especially young people care for their hope, not to be too materialistic, not to be ruled by money.

And I also realize how hard but also how pleasant this job is. 🙂

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