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Chinese language is body-language -writing graphics- (2)

Well, I want to add some comments on the issue which I started yesterday. To focus it: Chinese language is body language at least because of two aspects:

  • the pronunciation
  • the writing / painting the graphics and “letters”.

If you want to write/paint very properly, that means, if you want that the person who reads, what you painted, knows what you mean by this word or graphic, you also have to be very calm and centered in yourself. And being centered is a very important state of emotion, state of bodily presence. Connected with a sensible awareness of what is going in yourself, what becomes alive in yourself, what you want to express or communicate and what your interest is to write this graphic or another one. All is grounded in the necessity to be also aware of your counterpart, the person with whom you communicate.

It is not only just writing down some letters or graphics.

In some way it reminds me of the monks ………..

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