Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Body-Psychotherapy is a distinct branch of psychotherapy and has a long history and a theoretical position which is proofed by scientific research. It is theoretically and practically based among others on psychoanalysis, attachment and movement  theory, infant research and neuro-psychology.

Body-Psychotherapy involves an explicit theory of mind-body functioning. The common underline assumption is …………….

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The art of breathing as a challenge for the string musician

Singing and playing instriúments, especially as a string musician you are deeply connected with your breathing. There is no right or wrong breathing. You have to be in close contact with your own breathing. Ruth Phillips Shows exercises to explore your breathing, to explore your instrument, to be aware of the rhythm and to follow the change of  expansion and contraction.

The better you explore the art of breathing the more touched the audience will listen to your music.

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Practical work part 2 (Bioenergetic Analysis)

Some important internal circulations that are effected by the work are:

• The connection of breathing and movement

• Specific work on one body segment

• The initiation, support and promotion of ………

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Practical work part 1 (Bioenergetic Analysis)

The BA as a body psychotherapy therefore works with the physical tension, the breathing, the shaping of the body and personality by the life experience / history, the individual mind and the relationship constellations in childhood and in everyday life today. The BA explicitly and specifically works with the process of respiration, the differentiated (body) perception, the physical (self-) expression. This is supported either by specific exercises / settings or by looking at this process on the level of transference and countertransference. (Lowen 1981, 1984, Koemeda-Lutz 2002)

The “grounding-concept” probably is the best well-known concept of BA. It shows …………

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“Discharging” is a survival activation

the production (charge) of energy through respiration and metabolism and discharge of energy in motion and movement are the fundamental processes of life. How much energy you have and how you use this energy, determines the way you respond to a situation, to life. The more energy you can put into free movement and expression, the better you can deal with different situations, with life.

I will talk about this later this week and will relate this to man, feeling, behavior and so on.

Please kee in mind discharging is a very normal process in life and a survival pattern or survival activation. Just have a look how this looks like.

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The body in psychotherapy 6 (Breathing)

 Body Psychotherapy Methodology

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The body in psychotherapy 5 (Therapists`feeling the client`s body)

Somatic Psychotherapy

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With creativity against smog

well Bejing just like other big cities in China suffer from terrible smog and air pollution. We often experience similar smog over here in Germany and Europe. Thus not as intensive as people in China have to endure.

There is another interesting difference between China and Europe. It is the way how people react to this. Over here we protest, we demonstrate for better air. We criticize politics and companies and of course all those car drivers, who better could take the train in these days.

But we are not as creative as the Chinese are when you look at the wonderfully made masks.

Have a look and enjoy. But don`t forget, good air, healthy breathing is one important base to live on or to live by.

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