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Ulrich Sollmann (德国肢体语言专家) 

(chinese translation of my analysis in a German Magazine) 







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How to taste another body language 🙂

Some time ago a new restaurant opened in Canada. Nothing important you could say.

Well, new is that there is the opportunity for a “double-taste”. One taste is reserved for food and Drinks. The second taste is reserved for body language. What could this be, you may ask. Well, as the waiters are unable to hear or speak they can only communicate with a Special sign-language. This sign-language of course is nonverbal.

How does it work there, you may ask. Well, you decide your dish and drink and will find the reference signs being pictured in the nemu.

You are now invited to order nonverbally by using this special sign-language. If you are good enough you will of course what you wanted to get. If you are not so good in the beginning, you may get a surprise dish. 🙂

Please have a look and imagine yourself being there and order a dish and a drink.

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Living Barbie

This Is Not a Barbie Doll. This Is an Actual Human Being.”

Be prepared to be freaked out! The picture ……………..

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Life long learning to be silent

“It took years to learn to speak and a life long to be silent.”

With these words the famous writer Ernest Hemingway, a master of words, brings it to the point what nonverbal communication is about.

It takes a bit longer than two years for a child to learn to speak, Hemingway’s focus is true.

Mankind belongs to the speaking and reflection species of nature. This is connected with the competence ……………..

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Back again……

…and of course full and enriched by experiences, work and inspiring encounter. More about it later here. So please come back and also get inspired.


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An inspiring island of body experience

I am sorry being so late in writing. Right now I am in Shanghai for a Workshop on body-to-body-communication and a panel lecture on Body psychotherapy at the IFP World Congress on Psychotherapy and Mental Health. Today I will have a lecture at the Fudan University. And from tomorrow on there is a 5-days-Workshop with Managers at the HRI on Body language and nonverbal communication.

Quite a big Programm and yet enjoyable and of course really inpiring.

The Little time I am off I use it to experience more about the Body ad China. So pleae wait a little. I will write more after May 23rd. 🙂

Have a nice time.

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whow!!!!!!! elegance meets power

You are never too old. even when you are old of age. Just look and be impressed as I am, when I came across this little video of  a 79 year old dancing couple. It is unbelievable how bodily elegance and power, personal charme and humor meet and are embodied in this.

This encourages to get old.

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Italy the country of vital body language

I am just back from my short Holidays in Italy, from the Island of Sicilia. It is a wonderful place in the world. Green and fertile especially in spring. We lived in a private house and had wonderful conversations in the morning with Danilea, an Italian Lady who explained to us many interesting things about the Country, the culture, the Mafia of course and the people.

While listening to her we could watch her body language. In fact it is a great joy to experience this. The Italian Body lives while talking. German, Chiense, many peolpe in the South of America talk and prefer the verbal Expression. In contrast to that Italian People would probably feel this to be a punishment to them. They have to be their Body Language while talking. Talking seems te be Music. And words are always embodied words. No word without the Body.

Here is a very little Pictures which shows the normal radius of movement of the arms of an Italian man while talking (ref movement). In contrast to that you have the green line which shows the radius of arm movement of a South American man.

If you get curious just have a look at old Italian films. You will really enjoy what you hear AND see.

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Practical work part 2 (Bioenergetic Analysis)

Some important internal circulations that are effected by the work are:

• The connection of breathing and movement

• Specific work on one body segment

• The initiation, support and promotion of ………

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Body language: genetic or learnt?

This is an amazing project ” Genetic portraits” by Ulric Collette

A photographic research work on genetic similarities between members of the same Family.

There’s an old ongoing question and discussion, which never will be answered I think. It’s the question if body-language is genetic or social-learned.

Or the question what was earlier in the world: …………

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