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Fan Bingbing`s body language

Ist Fan Bingbing`s birthday today. So a very special present to her: my analysis of her body language. Though unfortunately only in German I hope that someone will translate it into English and Chinese. 🙂 So if someone wants to join my special present please feel free and contact me. As soon as I get the translation I will post it of course. My email is:

So just enjoy:……………..

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My first video (lecture) on body language in Chinese

Finally it is done. My first Video on Body language and nonverbal communication is online in China, in Chinese and English. More of course will follow inthe future.

The video gives a first sight into the topic, not in an academic way but based on scientific research and my very long experience related to “East meets West”. Just have a look and communicate if you like.  Of course if you have further questions please let me know.

And of course enjoy. 🙂

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Idioms for facial expression

Facial expression is part of body language and nonverbal communication. You can describe facial expression, you can analyse facial expression and you can look at the common language spoken by people in the street to identify facial expression. Here are some English idioms for facial expression which, to be honest, are very much to the point and can make you smile about it.


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Introduction to Body-Psychotherapy BPT (Bioenergetics)


 Dipl. rer. soc. Ulrich Sollmann

BPT is a unique and effective psychotherapy that helps resolve emotional issues by engaging the wisdom of the body in a safe and caring relationship with a trained therapist.

生物能分析治疗 (下文简称BPT)是一种独特的有效的心理治疗方法,它通过结合身体的智慧通过和一个受训治疗师之间安全关照的关系解决情绪的议题。 BPT is a way to understand the person and the body on the energetic level. The more energy we have, the better we feel and express ourselves. Energy means the interplay of charge and discharge, of breathing, feeling, movement and relating to the other person and life in general. The more energy I have, the better I feel and the better I can develop in life.


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Will you change your breast from B-size to D-size and back within two days?

Mary Lynn McNamara (this is not the real name) has offered herself to her husband at the day of the wedding in a very special way. She knew that her husband loved women with big breasts. She underwent a surgery so that her breasts were enlarged from a small B-size to the very big D-size.

She did this for one day and one night and then went back to …………

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Stereotype behavior and / or stigmatization

We all know about stereotypes, the way of thinking about others which is more related to oneself than to the other person. To judge someone and to address someone via a stereotype often is quite normal. Often, and this is the problem, it also can stigmatize a person, a group including people of colour, women, the elderly and people with mental illness.

Then the stereotype generalizes and

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How father`s and daughter`s body language develop during the upcoming years

People like to look at photos, especially photos of the childhood. It makes you feel familiar with yourself and your family. It mobilises the interest get to know more about you, your life and your development.

A Chinese father has made photos of his daughter and himself every year ……..

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The magic of long hair

It just happened that a Chinese woman had her hair grow for the last fourteen years. The actual length was 1,3 m. After she had married and got pregnant she decided a complete haircut though she had loved her long hair. The only reason was that the nutrition would be badly influenced if the long hair would stay like it was in the last fourteen years. She could not be convinced by medical advice.

This example shows …….

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Cultural difference in mother-infant-communication

There’s a lot being said about mother-infant-relationship. There’s also a lot to be said about the possible cultural differences or similarities.

Now it’s proofed that there’s a big difference in the embodied intersubjective engagement in mother-infant-tactile communication. ………..

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Body language…be aware and be careful

Body-language and nonverbal communication is scientifically proofed and yet there’s quite a lot of literature on physiognomics. This means that people believe in the direct connection between physical characteristics and personal attitudes. This also includes e.g. a specific connection of physical characteristics and intelligence.

People often like to believe in such body-reading concepts because they are so simple or look like. So there’s a very big danger related ………..

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