Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Dancing in the park  (Journey to China No. 8)

You see them in the parks. Mostly in the morning or later in the afternoon or evening. You see them dancing. You see them enjoying and you’re aware of a very big difference in bodily expression.

On the one hand, often when you see Chinese people, they seem to walk and move a bit slowly, feel aggrieved and in a black mood, as if it would be typical for most of the people, typical for the country or a typical character expressed on the body-level.

In contrast to a possible stereotype ……….

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Being caught at first sight (an embodyed story part 3)

The mystery of these hands, which I showed you some days ago caught me like an eye catcher. Passing this little window in a tiny side street of Rome old and odd faces did not look at me but somewhere in the air. Though without really realizing it, I could not pass without being caught. Lifeless faces, as it seemed to be, but with a (hidden) story about life.
I became curious and looked into the shop.

Maybe this is a good start to be aware of  “body”, of a possible bodily expression. It is a good start because ………….

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The body in psychotherapy 4 (talking about embodiment in the relationship)

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