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Introduction to Body-Psychotherapy BPT (Bioenergetics)


 Dipl. rer. soc. Ulrich Sollmann

BPT is a unique and effective psychotherapy that helps resolve emotional issues by engaging the wisdom of the body in a safe and caring relationship with a trained therapist.

生物能分析治疗 (下文简称BPT)是一种独特的有效的心理治疗方法,它通过结合身体的智慧通过和一个受训治疗师之间安全关照的关系解决情绪的议题。 BPT is a way to understand the person and the body on the energetic level. The more energy we have, the better we feel and express ourselves. Energy means the interplay of charge and discharge, of breathing, feeling, movement and relating to the other person and life in general. The more energy I have, the better I feel and the better I can develop in life.


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You are so welcome!!!!!! (Journey to China No.5)

On Friday I decided to walk down the north-south axis in Beijing. Of course I wanted to have a look on, that means down on the forbidden city, So I decided to climb up the hill ( Jingshan Gongyuan ). It was a bit misty. The sun was hidden behind dark clouds. I loved the walk, being “entertained” by coming across different people in really interesting situations. So I met someone doing massage on people lying just on the ground. So I just met people dancing in the middle of the park.

And I met lots of people just sitting on the ground, eating, drinking, laughing, talking and enjoying. Usually when ………

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