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Being a Manager in China 1

Most of the companies prepare their managers for the visit to or the job in China. Popular is an intercultural workshop where you can get information about the country, the culture, the people, the climate andsoon. Often participants of those workshops try to get familiar a bit with these habits and rules of behavior or communication by roleplay.

Yet this is only: learning the vocabulary and grammatics. This is not ( yet ) real life. Of course you would say this resembles to learn swimming or driving a car. And of course you will argue: it takes quite a long time to drive your car correctly, safely and joyfully.

Being confronted with a new culture, with very different people with odd and strange habits produces quite a big stress and strain for ………………

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Angela Merkel´s body language video-

All media write, talk and comment about Angela Merkel´s politics and behavior coping with the crisis. She polarizes whenever she talks about her political behavior, decisions and strategy. One side of the media reaction agrees, the other one disagrees completely. Some months ago many voices argued about her leadership. Those voices mirrored the opinion that she was not a leader at all.

Well she is a leader.

Well she shows this since ……………………

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Another field of bridging between cultures

Yesterday I talked about the obvious fields of transference and bridging. There’s another powerful field of transference namely: The very personal experience of each us, which all of us experience as western and eastern people. I think of one´s own experience in childhood and in the here and now. Besides cultural and social influences there is a very personal development of each person in his family. It is the very specific way someone is related to his mother, to his father, his brothers and sisters. To all his family.

By that experience the cultural and social influences are so to say broken down………………….

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