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Emotionally strong people

Sometimes people want to be emotionally strong, sometime they have to be. But what does this mean to be emotionally strong and how can you judge a person`s internal state of feeling by what you see on the outside. Often people think emotionally strong people are quiet, never complain or don’t show too much emotional Expression. In contrast to this any signs of emotional ‘leakage’ (i.e., expressing emotional distress in any way) or tears (especially in men), is often viewed as evidence the person has difficulties coping and is emotionally weak.

This often is not correct and…………..

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Collective emotions

The common parlance is convinced that you experience the world in the way, in the mood you’re.  It is also convinced that you look at the world in your very personal way and you react to it the same.

Meanwhile scientific research confirms this. I will pick out two main branches of science to illustrate this. The one is the concept of affect-logic based on the research and thoughts of Luc Ciompi. The other one is the concept of functional identity based on …………………….

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Be aware of the people around you

….so that you will find out by yourself:

People do often change, but mostly they don`t talk about it.

So, if you are aware pick up the chance to listen to the resonance in yourself. And meet again with this Person. What will happen then? Enjoy!


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Self-optimizing surgery

In South-Corea, and not only there, a booming plastic-surgery-industry is to be found. More than twenty percent of the women had picked up the chance to change their bodily, facial expression by this surgery.

In comparison to this, only five percent of the women in the US do this.

Millions of South-Corean people watched the film “Two hundred pounds”. The main protagonist changes her appearance by plastic-surgery. So one could say one main aspect which characterizes the Corean popculture is the whish of self-optimizing. More and more young women want to look like the dancers of the popstar Psy or Kim Tae-Hee. Her face very often is the model for an operation.

So if looking at these women after surgery which person are you aware of? In whose eyes do you look? How does it feel do look into your friend`s eyes and realize the facial expression of some Popstar? Is it yours? that of your friend? Whom are you Aware of? And how do you feel with this Person?

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 Little Emporer caught in his Empire (Journey to China No.4)

Well, the little prince also is experienced as little emperor. This can lead to the impression that the world around this little child or grandchild hast to suffer a lot. And there will be lots of examples which will support this impression.

Let me introduce also another perspective to look on the child in the one-child-family with four grandparents. Everybody looks on the child, after the child, with the child. The child is aware of this attention. The child will love it but cannot leave it. It is just …………..

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Function of the eyes (an embodyed story -part 8 -)

Eyes are the key:

  • The key in first sight contact
  • The key as it is a visual contact
  • The key which helps to distinguish: YOU and ME
  • The key which proofs that…………….
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Is there a difference between you and me? (An embodyed story -7-)

of course I could relax besides this young lady. I felt quite comfortable lying there when my attention always moved back to these faces. The puppets touched each other and gave the impression ” we belong together”. We are here and we know what we want. We are aware of YOU being here but we do NOT address you. We don`t want you to become important by ………    

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Awareness and attention needs digestion (an embodyed story part -6-)


my attention jumped from one little detailed piece to another. There were so many that, if I had really jumped in too deep, it would have last ages to find orientation and not getting lost.
It is just like in real life I thought. Being confronted with so many details which cry for attention or being watched and observed that it would be too much for our little brain just to let go. Though letting go is a basic experience and principle to survive in this chaos which determins real life.
Being able to let go in this chaos, and I can tell you it is not easy at all, brings us to some resting pole in order to calm down. To calm down and digeste what we have seen and what has overwhelmed us without (often) consciously realizing it.
So to make it short: following the process of your awareness / attention always has to lead to moments of digesting. Otherwise we get lost in and by awareness.
So I want to invite you to lie down besides this beautiful looking jung lady, have a rest and enjoy.

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Expression and impression (an embodyed story part 5) 

Being caught by some detail I just had to look around. Had to stand still, move my head from one side to the other, facing a whole new world of creatures which I had never seen before. Creatures deriving from a continent of relevance which was and probably still is strange to me. Again I was fascinated by this world of creatures who started talking to me in a mother tongue which was familiar to me though not ………..

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Respect for a first detail is the start of exploration (an embodyed story part 4)

When I had entered the tiny shop or so to say small studio of the old woman my eyes first caught sight of this puppet which you can see on the photo. A lifeless puppet as it seems to be. Not really interesting. Not worth to enter the shop I said to myself. And yet the arrangement of the puppet without a head and the other stuff looked so strange and thus attractive, that I started looking around. Maybe it was the fact that there was this uncoordinated arrangement, with ……………   

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