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Attraction and wariness of Chinese towards the US

“Chinese youth admire American culture but remain wary of US policy” says the New York Times.

This means that young Chinese admire the American way of life, they love the free speech but on the other hand they say that the Chinese government doesn’t show some much weakness abroad. If you want to read more about this phenomena, please have a look.

I also want to add that ……

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Respect for a first detail is the start of exploration (an embodyed story part 4)

When I had entered the tiny shop or so to say small studio of the old woman my eyes first caught sight of this puppet which you can see on the photo. A lifeless puppet as it seems to be. Not really interesting. Not worth to enter the shop I said to myself. And yet the arrangement of the puppet without a head and the other stuff looked so strange and thus attractive, that I started looking around. Maybe it was the fact that there was this uncoordinated arrangement, with ……………   

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An embodyed story (part 1)

What is the secret of these hands?

And this a hint to how it happens as it happens:

  • a first sight, perhaps for a second
  • you look around, you see many other things and the first sight stills stays in your mind
  • you feel some kind of attraction
  • you don`t know why but you feel the fact that it is as it is
  • and you slightly begin to realize that there is some hidden meaning, some meaning thogh you don`t know what kind of meaning

I can tell you that this probably will happen to you wherever you are in the world.

How do you thing about? Do you agree?

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“Sex in the soul“ – what can your eyes reveale?

Of course you remember when the pupil widens or closes. Of course you know about the importance of this process in the eyes. But do you know why this happens? Do you know what it means?

About fifty or sixty years ago scientist believed that the process of widening or closing notes your sexual orientation. Gero from the Cornell University was convinced about the proof in his study on such eyes`reaction. He was convinced that the widening of the pupil shows if one is heterosexual or homosexual or …………..

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