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It`s attention what we need

Attention is hugely important.  It is the asset that will determine who creates value and who destroys value in the years ahead. Among other things, it will transform the nature and power of brands. If you want to hear more about it have a look …….

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Awareness and attention needs digestion (an embodyed story part -6-)


my attention jumped from one little detailed piece to another. There were so many that, if I had really jumped in too deep, it would have last ages to find orientation and not getting lost.
It is just like in real life I thought. Being confronted with so many details which cry for attention or being watched and observed that it would be too much for our little brain just to let go. Though letting go is a basic experience and principle to survive in this chaos which determins real life.
Being able to let go in this chaos, and I can tell you it is not easy at all, brings us to some resting pole in order to calm down. To calm down and digeste what we have seen and what has overwhelmed us without (often) consciously realizing it.
So to make it short: following the process of your awareness / attention always has to lead to moments of digesting. Otherwise we get lost in and by awareness.
So I want to invite you to lie down besides this beautiful looking jung lady, have a rest and enjoy.

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Expression and impression (an embodyed story part 5) 

Being caught by some detail I just had to look around. Had to stand still, move my head from one side to the other, facing a whole new world of creatures which I had never seen before. Creatures deriving from a continent of relevance which was and probably still is strange to me. Again I was fascinated by this world of creatures who started talking to me in a mother tongue which was familiar to me though not ………..

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