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On Body language of Wen Jiabao and Angela Merkel

Last week I had an interview on the body langugae and nonverbal communication of Wen Jiabao and Angela Merkel with Deutsche Welle (Chinese section) in Chinese. Here is the link to the photoes and comments. The interview will be broadcasted later this week.

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Silence as dialogue – 默克尔访华:沉默的对话

I know about one big handicape of my blog. It is the language. It took me some time to find my decision,namely to choose English and not German or Chinese or any other language.

English is ranked as world language number One. It is spoken all over the world. But not everybody of course speaks English. And even when someone has learnt English at shool, maybe he or she is not familiar in speaking the language.

This not a problem. Really. You speak the language you like to speak. But how to write in an international blog on intercultural communication? ……………….

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The “skin” is the message – 8  (power is colourful)

Well clothing is the second skin so to say. The German chancellor Angela Merkel is chosen as most powerful woman in the world (Forbes).  Long time befor she became chancellor she was already famous for her colourful clothing. In those days we called her the living …………..

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Angela Merkel´s body language video-

All media write, talk and comment about Angela Merkel´s politics and behavior coping with the crisis. She polarizes whenever she talks about her political behavior, decisions and strategy. One side of the media reaction agrees, the other one disagrees completely. Some months ago many voices argued about her leadership. Those voices mirrored the opinion that she was not a leader at all.

Well she is a leader.

Well she shows this since ……………………

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