Body-language and nonverbal communication

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Just stunned shame

some days again an Indian was raped and brutalized sexually abused. This time it was a 6 year old little girl. I can`t find any words to talk about just to post the link to the Times of India.

At the same time I want to bring into mind again how often this happens mostly to woman and girls, not only in India. You read about sexual raping and abuse all over the world: Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iran but also in Europe and the US.

What kind of rude affect and psychological state of mind and political interest is hidden?

What does this mean considering the fact that we do no longer live in the middle ages?

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Tattoo and shame

It happened about two weeks ago when I travelled by underground in Berlin. It was a hot summer day. People wore light clothing so that I could see very clearly that someone sitting opposite to me had a tattoo on his shoulder. The man sitting together obviously with his girlfriend, arm in arm, had many very colourful and artificial painted tattoos on his shoulder and his neck. I began to look more intensely to those tattoos and tried to find out what they symbolised, and what the symbols were saying to me.

When it happened just on a sudden that this man addressed me obviously quite aggressive with the words: “Why are you staring at me? What are you looking for?” Meanwhile his girl-friend tried to cover her own tattoo. You can imagine how astonished I was about this reaction. I felt very friendly looking, I felt in a good mood admiring those paintings on the body. And I felt very interested in trying to decrypt the shown symbols.

Of course I right away realized the slightly aggressive tone in the man’s voice. Of course I felt rejected ………….

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