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Fan Bingbing`s body language

Ist Fan Bingbing`s birthday today. So a very special present to her: my analysis of her body language. Though unfortunately only in German I hope that someone will translate it into English and Chinese. 🙂 So if someone wants to join my special present please feel free and contact me. As soon as I get the translation I will post it of course. My email is:

So just enjoy:……………..

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When the words “I love you” are so shocking

Well we in in the western world have heard so much about the difficulty of showing up emotions in China or in East Asian countries. And it seems even worse to talk about emotions. Especially being said by parents to their children or children to their parents.

Candice Chung from the “daily life” writes about this difficulty and the difference to look on this difficulty from the Chinese perspective. She states this difficulty, she also talks about the challenge she had experienced in her own family trying to confront her parents with ……………….

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Kissing father: it`s the attachment which is important

Some weeks ago there was a video on the Chinese internet accusing a father’s “internet behaviour” to his daughter on the bus. Someone hast taking a video of a father who kissed his little girl on the bus, in public. It’s said that he kissed her over and over until they got off the bus.

A big discussion started after this video was presented. Some just asked “is this the girl’s father?” others disagreed “there’s absolutly …………….

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“Insanity means doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result”.

Albert Einstein
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