Body-language and nonverbal communication

How to join in English?

If you want to join, here is some support.

We know about the language problem connected with this blog, when communicating on body language / nonverbal communication. How can we communicate verbally on nonverbal issues. 😉

We decided to communicate in English because it seems to be the language which is spoken by most of the people.

Even if there will be some hesitation in English writing, which we of course understand the best, don`t forget, we are just like you: not native speakers in English language.

So, here is some suggestion for those who are not so familiar with English writing. Please feel free to answer just with some words. If you want to answer, comment or post, please use perhaps some words and add a picture or a link which supports your idea in a nonverbal way.

We will see how it works and stay in contact.

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