Body-language and nonverbal communication








Where we like to be touched, and where we don’t

The closer the person in social relationship, the larger the body area this person is allowed to touch. The bodily maps of touch were similar in all five cultures studied. Social touching thus seems to be a biologically determined and evolutionarily developed way to form social relationships. The results were recently published in Proceedings of the National Academy.

It is really worth looking into the recent study conducted by Aalto University and the University of Oxford. It shows that the human body has a precisely defined touch maps that are tightly linked to social touch that is allowed in different kinds of human relationships. It is also said that this is relevant to many or even all cultures.

Please have a look and talk it over with your friends. 🙂

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brain northoff







Brain, the Self and the Person

One of the most fascinating characteristics of human nature is our ability to experience ourselves as a self and person. However, because we have no direct access to our brain in experience, the link between brain and self, and thus between mental and neural states, remains unclear. Recent imaging studies suggest …………

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Trust your own body and not a diet

A diet makes you slim. You can read this headline and the additional concepts in every magazine, every week and every month. Mostly women, men increasing, believe in this. This of course is one big motor in the diet-market, every month a new diet. If you really have a look on this pattern of diet-market, you find out by observing that the proclamation of every new diet implicitly evaluates those which were presented before.

This is the one aspect to look critically on …………

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The clitoris test: or how do you get knowledge on sexuality

American researchers wanted to find out how people get to know about their sexuality. Were the parents, books, friends, pornography or what the source of Information?

So they asked students about it. And then they did the clitoris test. They compared the results……….

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Cultural difference in mother-infant-communication

There’s a lot being said about mother-infant-relationship. There’s also a lot to be said about the possible cultural differences or similarities.

Now it’s proofed that there’s a big difference in the embodied intersubjective engagement in mother-infant-tactile communication. ………..

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fluid intelligence







Peaks of fluid intelligence

Now the truth about intelligence is scientifically proved. The results of this study encourage all people, especially those who still fear not to be intelligent enough.

Intelligence skills peak at different ages. This is the most important result of the latest study on intelligence ……..

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 sleeping otter








About sleep: good news for Chinese!

Good news for Chinese people, who love to sleep! 😉

The Cleveland Clinic tells us 22 strange and fascinating facts about sleep. If you want to cultivate your sleep, if you want to improve your sleep-competence and if you want to have arguments towards others to strengthen your way of sleeping, have a look!

Here’s some little hint:

  • Sea otters hold hands when they are sleeping so they don’t drift away from each other.
  • Being awake for 16 hours decreases your performance as much as if your blood-alcohol-level was 0,05% (The legal limit is 0,08%)
  • Statistics show that the extra-hour of sleep reduces accidents.
  • Sleeping on the job is a minor problem in Japan. Companies may accept it as a sign of exhaustion from overwork.

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money and love









Reading emotions is worth money

A lately published research says that there’s a quite an obvious connection between emotional recognition and annual income. This does not mean that only people with a high annual income have an emotional competence or emotional intelligence. If you judge from the other way round of course you as a manager or business man are clever enough to earn more money if you’re able to rely on your emotional competence.

And yet on the other hand …………….

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Chinese love money and love adventure

A new inquiry has tried to find out what Chinese love most. Not astonishing is numer one. Still as the years before Chinese love to have Money.

Astonishing is favourite number two. Chinese want to be normal and unsuspicious.

Favourite number 3………………

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funktionelle Identität






Functional identity of man

Quite similar to the concept of affect-logic of Luc Ciompi is the work of Wilhelm Reich which is based on psychoanalysis. This concept, and this is the contrast to the concept of affect-logic, is mainly focused to the personal experience in childhood.  The more the person relates and communicates in a very personal and specific way with his parents, his family and his surroundings. This experience can be observed on all different levels of personality and identity: The body-level, the emotional level, the behavior level, the awareness level and so on.

The concept of the bioenergetic analysis, that’s how it’s called, shows that ………

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