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Obamas body language in Chinese and English on Internet TV

Probably you have asked yourself about the reasons for the big charming and charsmatic success of the American Presidant. Here is some insight about his body language and patterns of behavior. This aspect is part of his success. Politics or political behavior always also is politics made by humans. So feel invited to have a look

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Body language of Chinese celebrities and politicians

last August we made some videos on the body language of Chinese celebrities as well as of famous and world wide important politicians like Obama, Merkel and Putin. They will be presented on Internet TV. So if you like have a look. 🙂

And if you like give some feedback and a link in social media like wechat or so. Thanks.

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Never disobey or: surrender to submission

Parents usually love their children and children love their parents. Of course there are different ways of showing and expressing your love.

And yet something happened some weeks ago in China I really could not understand. It’s sad that young students make a Kowtow to their parents for their first day of primary school. It’s sad that the children were made to show their gratitude towards their parents and teachers in ways that struck some observers as shameful and old-fashioned.

Well there are differences…..      

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My first video (lecture) on body language in Chinese

Finally it is done. My first Video on Body language and nonverbal communication is online in China, in Chinese and English. More of course will follow inthe future.

The video gives a first sight into the topic, not in an academic way but based on scientific research and my very long experience related to “East meets West”. Just have a look and communicate if you like.  Of course if you have further questions please let me know.

And of course enjoy. 🙂

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Honor and / or shame

“Eight Honors and Eight Shames” are some basic value in China, like it’s honorable to love the motherland, to service people, to adore science, to work diligently, to help each other, to be honest, to obey the law and rules, and to strive hard for what you want. In contrast, it’s shameful to jeopardize the motherland, to betray people, to be ignorant, to indulge in creature comforts, to harm others to benefit oneself, to forget friendship for profit, to disobey the law and rules, and to be extravagant and dissipated.

Just returned from China and again I think about these honors and shames. How is this incorporated in daily life? How do People think about it and live with it?

I am now back home from China. One week in Shanghai and one week in Beijing. Two interesting Workshops (among others at Tongji University Shanghai) and some lectures (among others Academy of Sciences Beijing) on the issues of “Body psychotherapy” and “Body and personality”.
There is ever such a big interest in this perspective in China. And of course I will return. 🙂

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Cultural difference in mother-infant-communication

There’s a lot being said about mother-infant-relationship. There’s also a lot to be said about the possible cultural differences or similarities.

Now it’s proofed that there’s a big difference in the embodied intersubjective engagement in mother-infant-tactile communication. ………..

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Peaks of fluid intelligence

Now the truth about intelligence is scientifically proved. The results of this study encourage all people, especially those who still fear not to be intelligent enough.

Intelligence skills peak at different ages. This is the most important result of the latest study on intelligence ……..

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Comments……I need your feedback 😉

Just decided to open my blog to your comments in the way you want to. Please feel free and invited to share or give feedback to what you are interested in. You dont have to register just write your comments. And I am glad yout our communication and the enrichment of the trans-cultural dialogue.

yours Ulrich

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One´s own body as private, emotional currency

Do you know what a temporary boy-friend is? Have a look at the link at the end of this post. I came across this information some weeks ago: A young woman, looking for a boy-friend, to accompany her on her journey through China. To be the travel-partner was meant to accompany her and to pay for her. The young woman said that she did not have any income and she did not want to “suffer” during her tours. So, she offered herself “all day and to spent the night with him”.

This weird story and weird offer was a fake.

Why do I post this fake? Even if this did not happen in reality, the fantasy ……….

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Baby’s cry identified by a digital decoder

Scientists from Taiwan have developed an app which can decode information based on a baby’s cry with an accuracy of 92 %. No you’re able to distinguish subtle differences in crying and acoustic signals of babies under one year old.

The crying analyzer app can indicate whether a baby is hungry, sleepy, unwell, stressed due to a noisy environment, in pain, or in discomfort because of a wet diaper.

On the one hand you can argue that ……

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