Body-language and nonverbal communication


 This collective blog will give the chance to communicate on body-language, non-verbal communication in and between eastern cultures and western cultures.

 The various cultures are different in expression also different in tradition. Body-language and non-verbal communication play an important role in eastern as well as western cultures and it is thus interesting and relevant to understand more about the others as well as about one’s own culture.

 This can improve the communication between East and West in all social and cultural fields: in general and very specific in the daily life.

 This is of course a challenge in many ways. This network will be a platform or you may call it a container to explore body-language as expression and impression. The other´s expression tells us a very personal story about the person, a way of living his culture.  The impression mirrors my own experience, my own feelings, my perspective, my view and thoughts about the other.

 Body-language is both at the same time and always means relationship.

Non-verbal communication is the field where people meet and how they interact and relate to each other without words or supporting verbal communication.

This is a collective blog, that means: different authors will post in their own responsibility. Users, so you of course, can comment, without any administration.

 This blog will bring together people / professionals from various cultures, for example Chinese and Germans, young and old, representatives of different professions, just with the purpose of enriching one´s own perspective and the purpose of getting familiar with the “secrets” of cross-cultural experience.

 And of course explore and enjoy the other and yourself.

 The communication is as mentioned before open to everybody. So please feel free to communicate this information.