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High increase of HIV infection in China


High increase of HIV infection in China

There’s a high increase in HIV and AIDS-Infection in China. The UN says that it’s ten times higher than in other countries.

In China there’s a slight development and opening towards sexual diversity and yet there’s very, very little sex education in this field. Especially children and young people aren’t informed enough about the dangerous of sexual development, opening and sexual diversity.

There are about 800.000 – 1.500.000 people ……….with HIV-infection in China. Especially men are infected and this is also due to a slight opening to homosexuality. And yet 2/3 of male says that they were infected by sex with women. This shows how deep the shame and stigma towards (homo-) sexuality in China is.

The head of women’s media monitor-network in China Xiong Jings blames the bad sex education in schools. She says “that most of the teachers are afraid to talk about sex with children. They fear talking about sex will increase sexual activity among young people.”

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