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Accuracy of men’s perceptions of women’s sexual interest


Accuracy of men’s perceptions of women’s sexual interest

Do men know or sense or realize if a woman is interested in them? The clear answer is, mostly NOT.

This study and many other ones have proven the same thing. Men put more weight to physical looks than women do while women put more weight to personality and resources than men do. But dont really understand or better to say cannot really read the body language of women.

Researchers from Iowa University found out that:

“183 undergraduate males judged the sexual interest of women in full-body photographs; the women varied along sexual interest, clothing style, and attractiveness dimensions. Half of the participants received feedback on their ratings. In a related transfer task, participants indicated whether women in photographs would respond positively to a sexual advance. History of sexual aggression and rape-supportive attitudes were assessed. Results: Participants relied substantially on both affective and nonaffective cues when judging women’s sexual interest. High-risk men relied less on affect and more on attractiveness. Feedback enhanced focus on women’s affective cues and decreased focus on nonaffective cues for both low-risk and high-risk men. Feedback affected transfer performance indirectly, via altered cue usage in the training task. Conclusions: The current work documents high-risk men’s altered focus on women’s affective and nonaffective cues and provides encouraging support for the potential use of a cognitive-training paradigm to enhance men’s perceptions of women’s sexual-interest cues, albeit to a lesser degree for high-risk men. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)”

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