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Bank staff publicly spanked vs integrity of the person













Bank staff publicly spanked vs integrity of the person

Some days ago a viral video showed the spanking of bank employees becuase their Performance was not good enough. The weibo public was shocked and reacted with clear comments of disapproval. I saw the video and was shocked and not astonished at the same time. Shocked because……. of the fact itself knowing about the humiliation of humans, even nowadays. Not astonisshed because punishing is traditionally seen part of the legalism in China. If you dont do things right you will be punished. Punishment is one thing how to react in such a situation.

This is done instead of supporting people to learn from what they have done.

I was astonished and shocked at the same time because of the fact that they chose the body to humiliate the person. The other fact is that this is done in public. You can even hear the sound of the voice of the employees when being spanked.

I think even if this behaviour has some cultural traids and has been “normal” in older times it marks and characterises the deep cultural gap between tradition and culture on the one hand as well as modern ways of treating people in a human way.

When I remember all my visits in China and meeting so many people I am Aware of this deep gap and the herewith connected challenge for all of us to react and to stand for human rights like integrity of the Person.

The trainer of the workshop where the spanking happened afterwards simply tried to explain in a public apology online for his behaviour

The trainer said physical spanking was “one of the most effective ways to raise consciousness”, although he admitted his training methods may not be acceptable to everybody.

The trainer later told the Beijing Times the aim of the training was to improve students’ way of thinking and to encourage them to be more competitive.

Many criticised the bank executives for the brutal punishment, which they said had violated the rights of employees.

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