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Learning from the future

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Learning from the future

Creativity as one could say is learning from the future as it emerges.

Most people know this because we are all born with Creative Interchange (CI) but we learn a second reality. …………..Indeed, very soon in our life we learn the blocking process – i.e. the Vicious Circle (VC) -, who keeps us locked in the old downloading mode

Otto Scharmer identifies three levels of deeper awareness and the related dynamics of Change and creativity. ‘Seeing our Seeing’, so to speak, requires the intelligences of the open mind, the open heart and open will.” (Theory U Foreword page xiv) Paraphrased in CI language: ‘Seeing our seeing’, which is Process Awareness, requires the intelligences of the Open Mind (Left hand side Butterfly), Open Heart (Butterfly body) and Open Will (Right hand side Butterfly):

  1. Seeing with an open mind IS ‘Awareness’ (non-colored or naked consciousness) that is able to change our Mental models, i.e. our (colored) consciousness;
  2. Seeing with an open heart is seeing beyond the mind (feeling – butterfly body): this is also seeing one’s own part in maintaining the old and in denying the new;
  3. Seeing with an open will unlocks our deeper levels of commitment to which we ‘surrender’ in order to imagine what is needed, although the ‘what’ may be far from clear;
  4. The ‘how’ of the transformation is the ‘easiest’ part: transform corresponds with living Creative Interchange from the inside out. Creative Interchange is the meta process of all transformation, the process with which we all are born;
  5. The Creative Interchange Process being the foundation of my Crucial Dialogue Model.

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