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Never disobey or: surrender to submission









Never disobey or: surrender to submission

Parents usually love their children and children love their parents. Of course there are different ways of showing and expressing your love.

And yet something happened some weeks ago in China I really could not understand. It’s sad that young students make a Kowtow to their parents for their first day of primary school. It’s sad that the children were made to show their gratitude towards their parents and teachers in ways that struck some observers as shameful and old-fashioned.

Well there are differences…..        in all cultures and people have to live with this. Ist not me to judge though I feel very uncomfortable with this sometimes.

And yet there is one aspect which is important nowadays. Its the transcultural Impact. Imagine one of these children who has learnt to submit or surrender in the way how and that they do the kowtow.

Imagine they as grown ups have to communicate or collaborate with people from oher cultures who think thr kowtow to be a sign of surrender or submission?

Imagine how they will feel this unconsciously in the relationship?

And imagine they want to start a relationship or even a love relationship?

It must be a really deep and very personal challenge.

If you want to find an other for yourself talk about with your frineds. 🙂

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