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Stock market crash or when money kills you










Stock market crash or when money kills you

The stock market in China is eroding. People loose ever so much money in ever such a short period of time.

Nearly a quarter of investors say that the value of their investments has fallen by more than 50 percent since the beginning of the year amid falling stock prices. 23.8 percent of the 42,000 people polled by sina said that they “had suffered a loss of over 50 percent and dare not check their accounts”.

Investors and bankers feared already since some months that this would happen soon in China. It is a stock bubble which seems to explode.

Its not my interest to analyse this. I am not the expert for this. But I am an expert for human relationship and communication. Let me tell you first a very personal story. When we …………..had a similar stock market crash in 2000 in Europe a friend of mine who was responsible for his friends money at the stock market lost so much that he had killed himself. He had gambled with his own money and the money of his friends. He had been feeling just fantastic and omnipotent because the share price seemed to climb a hill with no end. Financial success seemed to lead him and his friends to eternal success.

But life is not like this. He lost his life by that.

He committed suicide.

Why do I tell you this story?

  • my experience is that many Chinese people love money. Many of them seem to feel as fantastic and omnipotent as my friend who committed suicide. They believe (d) in stock market and shares like children do when waiting for their next birthday or Christmas. A share`s value will of course grow until tomorrow and again the day after tomorrow. And again next year. Children expect this way of life because parents guarantee that the next morning the sun will shine again. BUT a stock market is no childhood.
  • one idea to understand this is the following: people especially younger people are not used to money. They think money is just like life. The more money you have the better your life is or will be. And that money is like a property or some product which you have bought and which remains yours. Even tomorrow. BUT money is like a mysterious fellow. You dont know where he lives, where he comes from and where he goes to. He seems to be everywhere and thus to embody danger. A mysterious fellow who attracts you, who whispers promises in your ears and makes you believe that you can trust him. And you trust him. Money becomes a substitute for friendship at least for friendship.
  • a third idea which I get is that when you love money implicitly this fuels envy, rivalry, isolation and deceives lives. You follow a self-illusion and loose contact to other people. Because money kills human nature. And this can kill you. Like it happened to my friend.

Of course I know that we live in a society which is characterized by money. Of course I know about the importance of money for daily life. Of course I like to have money. And of course I know the danger of self-illusion.

BUT I also know how loveable a real friend is. How important good relationships are. And how nice it is to watch a baby smile or how beautiful it is when you give a nice flower to the person you love.


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