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Emotionally strong people

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Emotionally strong people

Sometimes people want to be emotionally strong, sometime they have to be. But what does this mean to be emotionally strong and how can you judge a person`s internal state of feeling by what you see on the outside. Often people think emotionally strong people are quiet, never complain or don’t show too much emotional Expression. In contrast to this any signs of emotional ‘leakage’ (i.e., expressing emotional distress in any way) or tears (especially in men), is often viewed as evidence the person has difficulties coping and is emotionally weak.

This often is not correct and………….. leads to a misunderstanding awareness. By definition it means both: That and how a person can feel can be touched by some experience or challenge and it also means that it’s important to see how the person can respond in any given movement. So it’s not a matter of if person cries or feels terrible. Instead of this it’s a matter of feeling and being able to cope with life in the way as it is necessary for the others and for yourself. Emotional strength means being resilient, being capable to cope with life in any way.

Emotionally strong people are:

  1. are less discouraged by setbacks and disappointments.
  2. are more adaptable to change.
  3. are able to recognize and express their needs.
  4. focus on getting around a hurdle rather than on the hurdle itself.
  5. can learn from mistakes and criticism.
  6. tend to see the larger perspective in a challenging situation.
  7. are able to recover more quickly from emotional wounds such as failure or reject





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