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Wedding – most expansive day in life…and then???


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Wedding – most expansive day in life….and then???

May is traditionally the month for weddings. Month #5 is so popular because 5 means richness, wealth, long life, peace and health.

Within the last ten years the average number of weddings has increased for about 60%. More and more Chinese want to marry officially, in the way as it’s practised in western countries. This of course also supports family as a social value. More and more people ………..can afford a big wedding, an expansive wedding. And yet marriage is not only an expression or symbol for romanticism. Especially middle class people want to show that they’re rich, that they want to belong to the upper class.

This leads of course to very expensive weddings. The average cost for a wedding is about € 42.000,00. Chinese people more and more like big banquets, big ceremonies with often more than some hundred guests and relatives.

Yet there are two aspects which have to be regarded as a shadow on this most important day in the live of many Chinese. Still nowadays many parents go to wedding markets just like Peoples` Square in Shanghai to offer their sun or daughter or look for a suitable partner for their children. Insofar there’s quite a lot of stress and a limit of age which has to strictly to be regarded. Most of Chinese parents want their children to be married by the age of 25, if there’s love or not, if they’re ready to marry or not or if they want to do it at all or not. The other shadowlike aspect is, that more and more families have to suffer by the far too high costs for a wedding. A Sina research points out that there’s no other country in the world which produces such a big amount of idealizing TV-soaps, literature, TV-shows and pop-songs related to the wedding-issue. This attracts people to follow what they have seen on tv.

Thinking of this idealisation and of the immense amount of costs such a marriage is in consequence probably not convincing as a part of a love-story. Instead of this it shows the dependency of young people on their parent’s support. BEcause most of them cannot afford a marriage by themselves.

Insofar the mixture of love, idealization and dependency leads to a rapidly increasing number of divorces after two years, some say a bit less than 50 % of all marriages.

So you can say, the more a wedding is characterized by idealization and dependency the earlier a divorce will follow in the next years.




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