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Look to be a complete person













Look to be a complete person

The CEO and chairman Lloyd Blankfein, chairman of Goldman Sachs Bank talked about his opinion on career, achievement and human relationship to students at the Tsing Hua University in Beijing. He pointed out that it’s very important to be a specialist in one’s own field, to have a good competence, a good education. He also pointed out that it’s even more necessary to be a complete person, the kind of person that other people want to deal with.

He talked to the students days after the big Chinese examination called Gaokao. Insofar the message…. is more than important to the Chinese audience. He pointed out that “it’s necessary not only to pass the test, but they have to survive in an more than pressured situation in the world today” He also underlined “I know, students are filling the universities and I hope they don’t fill the mental institutions because the pressure must be quiet intense.”

He also encouraged Chinese students to follow their way, to develop professionally and personally and he finished up with the words: “Do something for the next period of your life and not be so obsessive about where it will take you in the longer term” and again he said “focus a lot on being a complete person, a human being.”

From the western perspective this is more than important to know by a CEO of one of the world’s biggest banks. From the Chinese perspective it must be more than a challenge because his message is an obvious and a clear contrast to the Chinese was of learning, studying, making career and to build up one’s own future.

I can completely agree to his opinion when looking at my own experience as consultant, coach and psychotherapist. More and more managers, especially young managers, suffer from overstress, from Burnout and depression.


How do you feel and how do you think about it?

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