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Honor and / or shame













Honor and / or shame

“Eight Honors and Eight Shames” are some basic value in China, like it’s honorable to love the motherland, to service people, to adore science, to work diligently, to help each other, to be honest, to obey the law and rules, and to strive hard for what you want. In contrast, it’s shameful to jeopardize the motherland, to betray people, to be ignorant, to indulge in creature comforts, to harm others to benefit oneself, to forget friendship for profit, to disobey the law and rules, and to be extravagant and dissipated.

Just returned from China and again I think about these honors and shames. How is this incorporated in daily life? How do People think about it and live with it?

I am now back home from China. One week in Shanghai and one week in Beijing. Two interesting Workshops (among others at Tongji University Shanghai) and some lectures (among others Academy of Sciences Beijing) on the issues of “Body psychotherapy” and “Body and personality”.
There is ever such a big interest in this perspective in China. And of course I will return. 🙂

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