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Will you change your breast from B-size to D-size and back within two days?

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Will you change your breast from B-size to D-size and back within two days?

Mary Lynn McNamara (this is not the real name) has offered herself to her husband at the day of the wedding in a very special way. She knew that her husband loved women with big breasts. She underwent a surgery so that her breasts were enlarged from a small B-size to the very big D-size.

She did this for one day and one night and then went back to …………her normal size.

Norman Rowe is a plastic surgeon from New York. He tours around all Talk-Shows to offer is concept of “Insta-breasts”. He uses a special technique and enlarges women’s breasts within twenty minutes. This enlarged breast can stay for about three weeks. As he says wedding and honeymoon is well-prepared and will have success.

I don’t want to discuss the medical aspects but I want to point out the self-illusion for both, the man and the woman. The body is treated like clothing, toy or jewellery. You just change the size of your breasts, the appearance of your body and present yourself as a surprise, a gift.

But you and your body are not a toy, not an object which you can use in this way or int he other way. From one day to the other.

One day B-size, the other day D-size and back.

The body you have is part of your self, is part of your personality and identity. You’re grown up with your body, you have developed in your body and you have developed your body in the way as your life was.

To treat the body in this way gives you the illusion of being a good, a ware, instead of being your Self. So think about it. And be sure, its not only a matter of breast surgerey of weird people.  It could be you too in your daily live.

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